VIDEO: Shop Talk With Pro Nitrous Speed Record-Holder Lizzy Musi

Edelbrock-Sponsored PDRA Pro Nitrous Racer Lizzy Musi Talks About Her Career, Kye Kelley, and the 2019 Drag Racing Season

Pro Nitrous racer Lizzy Musi burnout in the Edelbrock Dodge Dart
Pro Nitrous racer Lizzy Musi is on a roll, heading into the 2019 season with Edelbrock backing and a new Dodge Dart race car.

VIDEO: Lizzy Musi and her dad Pat visited Edelbrock recently and we asked her about her career, her crash, and her goals for the future. Here’s what she said:

From clean-up girl in her dad’s shop to Jr. Dragsters, to the highly competitive ranks of Top Sportsman and PDRA Pro Nitrous, Lizzy Musi has come a long way in a very short period of time. She’s only 27 but when you’ve spent nearly all of that time around your dad who happens to be drag racing legend and top engine builder Pat Musi, you tend to learn a lot.

Lizzy, one of the nicest drivers you’ll ever meet, will be the first to tell you that learning is an ongoing thing if you want to be at the top of the game. She’s endured her most challenging moments to date—a well-publicized Top Sportsman crash at Bristol, and her 2015 Pro Nitrous incident at the fast Texas Motorplex track—and came out of them a better driver. In addition to numerous race wins and top qualifying performances, she currently holds the PDRA Pro Nitrous Top Speed record with a 209.23 MPH run that came at the 2018 PDRA World Finals last October.

Lizzy Musi visits Edelbrock
“Learning is an ongoing process if you want to be at the top of the game,” said Lizzy Musi during her recent visit to Edelbrock.

For 2019, Lizzy will continue her quest for a Pro Nitrous World Championship behind the wheel of the Frank Brandao-owned “King Kong 7” 2018 Dodge Dart. She’ll be competing at every stop of the Pro Nitrous tour and her team is already testing and tuning on the Edelbrock-equipped 959-cubic-inch setup for the first of eight races coming up in April at Galot Motorsports Park in Benson, NC. Having debuted the new Jerry Bickel-built race car during the 2018 season, they already have somewhat of a head start, so look for Lizzy and the Musi Racing team to tear into 2019 with a vengeance.

Pat Musi Racing Engines
Lizzy’s favorite racer of all time? Her dad Pat Musi, of course. Pat, a champion racer himself, is the man behind the power of Lizzy Musi’s top speed record-holding Dodge Dart.

Shortly after it was announced that Edelbrock would continue as primary sponsor of the Musi Racing team Dodge Dart for ’19, we were able to talk Lizzy and her dad Pat into spending a day with us here at our home base where they got the special Smitty Smith tour. (read this Hot Rod magazine article to learn who Smitty is, if you don’t already know). With cameras rolling, we pulled Lizzy aside after the tour and asked her a few questions about growing up in a racing family, her plans for 2019, and her Street Outlaw boyfriend Kye Kelley. Check out the video by Edelbrock’s videographer Steve Call above, and if you’re interested in hearing about engine building from Pat Musi, be sure to subscribe to the Edelbrock USA YouTube channel here.