New Shop for Street Outlaws Star Lizzy Musi’s Edelbrock Pro Nitrous Dodge and the Edelbrock Equipped “Aftershock” Camaro

New Musi Racing building near Mooresville Dragway
Construction is underway on the new Musi Racing building near Mooresville Dragway, scheduled to open in early 2021. The new facility will house both the Edelbrock Pro Nitrous Dodge and the Edelbrock Equipped Aftershock Camaro that Lizzy Musi races on the hit TV show Street Outlaws.

With expanding clientele at Pat Musi Racing Engines and a growing list of customers bringing their race cars in for work, finding a new facility for the Musi Racing hot rods that was separate from the engine-building operation was imperative. Track access for testing the Edelbrock Equipped race cars as well as Musi Racing customer cars that come in for work will be more convenient at the new state-of-the-art home located near Mooresville Dragway.

Pat Musi and his personal 1967 Camaro powered by the prototype Edelbrock-Musi 555 Crate Engine.
Pat Musi, pictured here with his personal 1967 Camaro, says that he expects the new Musi Racing facility to open in early 2021. (Ashley Corbett photo)

The race team broke ground in September on their new 9,000-square foot building located near the dragstrip and construction has progressed quickly since then. The scheduled opening date for the building is slated for early 2021.

The new building will be the race shop for the Musi Racing cars, which include the Frank Brandao-owned Edelbrock/Lucas Oil “King Kong 7” 2018 Dodge Dart and the Edelbrock-equipped “Aftershock” Camaro, both driven by Street Outlaws star Lizzy Musi. Customer cars will also be kept at the new facility as they come through, while Pat Musi Racing Engines will remain in its current 10,000-square foot building near downtown Mooresville.

Pat Musi, 555 burnout
The new Musi Racing building is located near Mooresville Dragway where Pat recently wowed spectators with a burnout at one of JJ Da Boss’s Arm-Drop races. Pat’s ’67 Camaro is powered by the prototype Edelbrock-Musi 555 Crate Engine.

The two shops will be within 10 minutes of each other, giving Pat Musi easy access to both, and a world of opportunities with the new facility.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun and we’ve got a lot of good ideas for this building. There’s definitely a lot of excitement coming,” Pat Musi said. “We were really crunched for space and this new building gives us a great spot for the race team and to set up cars for customers. It’s all coming together really well.”

Musi originally bought the land near the drag strip three years ago and the time was right to add the new building to house the race team, especially with Lizzy Musi’s growing popularity on Discovery’s Street Outlaws.

Lizzy Musi and the Street Outlaws Edelbrock Aftershock Camaro
The new Musi Racing facility will house the popular Edelbrock Equipped “Aftershock” Camaro that Lizzy Musi races on the Street Outlaws TV show as well as the Edelbrock Pro Nitrous Dodge below.
Lizzy Musi, Edelbrock Pro Nitrous, drag racing

Musi won three straight races in the Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings series last year, and was busy filming for the new season of the original Street Outlaws series for a majority of the summer.

She’s also been a regular frontrunner and multi-time event winner in the PDRA Pro Nitrous class, and the new building will give fans an opportunity to see the cars up close and purchase Musi Racing merchandise.

“If people want to come and visit the race shop, we will be able to give them a tour, they can buy a t-shirt, all that,” Musi said. “It’s going to be a really good deal here and we’ve got a lot of ideas. There’s a lot of things coming and it’s going to be a nice thing for our team.”

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Musi also envisions a relationship with Mooresville Dragway, giving the team quick access to test their cars as well as customer cars.

It means a lot of major things are on the horizon, with Musi looking forward to spending the offseason getting things moved in and setup in the new facility. The unfortunate postponement of the open house that was planned to celebrate Musi’s 50th year in business now allows time for the building to be up and running for the rescheduled date, which is still to be determined.

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To get to this point, Musi also praised a talented team that has helped this latest project come to life.

“All of it is a testament to the team and all the guys at the shop,” Musi said. “It’s all come together really well and everyone’s done a great job since we’ve been here in Mooresville.”