Edelbrock Shop Talk With FormulaD Pro Driver Jeff Jones

The Edelbrock-sponsored FormulaD car of Jeff Jones Racing is powered by a Chevy LS3 motor with an Edelbrock Supercharger.
The Jeff Jones Racing LS3-powered 370Z is the first to run an Edelbrock Supercharger in Formula Drift competition. The engine was built by CPR Racing and is plumbed entirely with Russell Performance Products hoses and fittings.

Jeff Jones has been flying the Edelbrock banner for the past two years and is one of the rising stars in Formula Drift Pro1 racing. With a competitive spirit and a desire to step up from turbo power to a state-of-the-art Edelbrock Supercharger system, Jeff signed with Team Edelbrock in 2016.

The Jeff Jones Racing 370-Z is powered by a Chevy LS3 V8 engine and has proved to be the perfect platform for the Edelbrock Universal LS3 Supercharger System. After two seasons of hard racing, exhibitions and regular practice runs with no issues, Jeff continues to run that same Edelbrock Supercharger in 2019. While the Pro1 podium has eluded the 36-year-old Los Angeles native so far, it shouldn’t be long before we see Jeff Jones Racing and Edelbrock taking the top step in FormulaD.

LS=swapped 370Z with Edelbrock Supercharger in Formula Drift
FormulaD Pro1 driver Jeff Jones, seen here getting some practice in at Texas Motor Speedway, used to run a turbocharger on his race car but hated the lag. Since switching to the Edelbrock Supercharger he makes full use of the instant torque as soon as he smashes the throttle. And the crowd really loves it!