Video: Shop Talk with Cylinder Head Experts Pat Musi and Edelbrock’s Rick Roberts

Learn How the Edelbrock Racing Cylinder Head Program Came to Be from the Guys That Made It Happen

When legendary engine builder Pat Musi and Edelbrock’s Technical Expert Dr. Rick Roberts get together to discuss cylinder head technology, people listen. Or at least they try to.

Video by Steve Call

Most of what goes on inside of Roberts’ office at Edelbrock headquarters in Torrance, CA, is top secret and very rarely do people outside of the engineering department get to listen in on the discussions that take place within. To the untrained eye, the red plastic cylinder head models that adorn Roberts’ desk might appear to be decoration, but depending on what R&D project happens to be at the top of his to-do list, the “models” are most likely the very latest and highly confidential 3D-printed cylinder head prototypes that are being tested and perfected in order to produce the most efficient flow of air. So, when Musi took a seat beside Roberts and we were allowed to set up cameras and microphones to record everything they were about to discuss concerning cylinder heads and the new 632 Crate Engine, well, we knew that we were in for a treat.

“We’ve taken that [high-end racing] technology and folded it into a level of racing so that the average bracket guy or gal can buy something that has Pat Musi Racing technology in it.”

— Dr. Rick Roberts, Edelbrock Cylinder Head Technical Expert

Edelbrock-Musi 632 Crate Engine
For 2019, Edelbrock has enhanced its partnership with Musi Racing by introducing a new Crate Engine Program showcased by a new 632 featuring Big Victor 12° heads and intake with the optional Edelbrock nitrous oxide system.

The 632 Crate Engine is an Edelbrock-Musi collaboration that was created specifically for drag racers looking for big horsepower in an affordable and ready-to-run package. Each 632 is custom built by Musi himself and features nothing but top-of-the-line components that include a pair of Big Victor 12° CNC-Ported Cylinder Heads. Once Musi puts his magic touch to these heads, the 632 becomes the perfect competition engine for fast bracket racers looking for 1,250 normally aspirated horsepower or 1,650-plus horsepower with the optional Edelbrock nitrous system, all with unmatched durability that Musi-built engines are known for.

Edelbrock Big Victor 12-degree Cylinder Heads for Chevy big-block
According to Pro Mod engine expert Pat Musi, there are no better cylinder heads that you can get for a big-inch Chevy engine than the Big Victor 12° Cylinder Heads.

In our latest Shop Talk interview now playing on the Edelbrock YouTube channel, Dr. Rick Roberts and Pat Musi talk about how the Edelbrock cylinder head program came to be, and more specifically, what makes the 632 cylinder heads superior to anything that the competition offers.