Tech Q&A: Short- or Long-Style Water Pump?

To make sure that your pulleys line up correctly in custom small- and big-block Chevy applications, it’s important that you choose the right water pump. Whether you need a short or long length pump, Edelbrock has both to fit just about any engine.

Using a tape measure and a straightedge, place the straightedge on the mounting surface of the hub. Then, measure distance to the engine block. Match your measurement to our “Dimension from block surface to hub” in our catalog or web site.

Edelbrock water pumps are designed, cast and machined here in the USA for the best quality and performance you can trust. Just because a water pump is made from aluminum, doesn’t mean it’s a performance water pump. Edelbrock water pumps are commonly “splashed” from the overseas competitors and marketed and sold by companies here in the U.S. Sure, these pumps can save your customer a few bucks, but are they willing to compromise the cooling performance of their muscle car or hot rod to save a few dollars? Buy American, buy Edelbrock! Go to our website for complete application listings and measurements.

Edelbrock Water Pump Features:

•  Maximum cooling for the street or track

•  Prevent overheating in street rods, street machines, tow rigs and motorhomes

•  Designed for maximum flow and provide equal distribution to both sides of engine block

•  Powdered metal impeller produces best flow rate possible

•  Available for most popular applications

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  1. Al Antunez · September 23, 2011

    I have A 625 CFM carter carb & would like to change it to a 500 cfm. Do i need to change the jets to what size?