Edelbrock-Supercharged Jeep Project 4xFORCE

Last time we left off, the 4xForce Project Jeep was getting a much needed lift and some wheels & tires to match the added power from the new Edelbrock Supercharger. We realized the second we went with bigger tires we had to make some room so Bushwacker sent us some flat style fender flares along with rocker armor and taillight armor.


Bestop Sent us their Trek Top Pro top. It completely replaces the stock hardtop. Allows for half top flip up but still has real glass rear windows.




SoftTopTrailFX sent us one of their winches which fit perfectly in the Rancho Front bumper. Recessed down into the bumper to allow  for better airflow for the E-Force heat exchanger.



With all the new upgrades, it was time to put the rig thru its paces. The Easter Jeep Safari 2015 was a perfect place to test out all the new components.




Project 4xFORCE started as a stock 2013 Jeep Rubicon.


Edelbrock engineers worked hard to develop a supercharger for the the 3.6L PentaStar Engine. The E-Force Supercharger made its debut at SEMA 2014 in Las Vegas Nevada. Using Eaton Gen VI 1320 TVS rotor assembly, Project 4xFORCE produced a very respectful 303rwhp and 262ft-lbs.



With the addition of all that extra power we wanted to improve the overall look and give it a much needed suspension upgrade. We contacted our friends over at Rancho Suspension to see if they can assist us in giving our altitude challenged Jeep a lifted more aggressive look.


First thing we did was install the Rancho front and rear bumpers. The new rugged front bumper also gives the option to add a wench which is a must have for rock crawling and trail driving.

Front Bumper

With parts ready to go on we took the Jeep over to 4 Wheel Parts in Redondo Beach to have the lift kit installed.


We also knew with a lift we would need more rubber for off-roading so Nitto hooked us up with some 37″ Nitto Trail Grappler tires and Wheel Pros sent some Moto Metal Wheels for Project 4xFORCE.

wheel   Wheels

We had Rancho’s 4″ lift kit installed which included all new upper and lower control arms, taller springs and shocks.

JeeponLift   ShockSpring

Here you can see the thickness of the new control arms compared to the stock arms. In addition to the strength of the new arms, they also utilize new poly bushings unlike the stock rubber bushings which allow  more flex which is what you don’t want when you’re on the trial offroading.

controlarms   tiresNewold

 After everything was said and done, Project 4xFORCE rolled out of the shop looking like a completely different vehicle.




Project 4xFORCE is just getting started. Parts from Bushwacker, Rugged Ridge, Dyno Max, and Bestop coming soon!

More information on Edelbrock Superchargers.