First Look: Edelbrock’s New Stage 2 Supercharger Kit for the 2018-2019 Ford Mustang 5.0L

Video: Dyno-Proven to Make 686 Horsepower and 533 Ft-Lbs of Torque at the Wheels

Edelbrock E-Force supercharger
The Stage 2 Supercharger #15388 for the 2018-2019 Mustang is a complete kit that takes full advantage of the improved 5.0L Gen 3 DI/PI Coyote engine.

The late-model Mustang community is a unique crowd that relies heavily on the automotive aftermarket for both aesthetic and performance improvements. Builds range from mild to wild and when it comes to horsepower, you can find a good forced induction system under the hood or on their short list of upcoming modifications.

VIDEO: The Edelbrock Stage 2 Supercharger is dyno-proven to make 686 horsepower and 533 ft-lbs of torque at the wheels.

“While most Mustang owners don’t have immediate plans to make 1,000 horsepower at the wheel, they want a supercharger system that is up to the task. Our Stage 2 hardware provides just that,” says Nick Purciello, Product Line Manager for Edelbrock Superchargers.

Mustang supercharger
The Edelbrock Stage 2 Supercharger System features the same R2650 blower used in the Stage 1 system but with larger injectors, a Fuel Pump Voltage Booster, larger 103mm throttle body, high-flow air intake with a 113mm MAF housing, and 8-rib drive belt upgrade. For those that have already installed a Stage 1 kit, a Stage 2 Upgrade Kit is available under part number 15883.

The Stage 2 supercharger system for the Mustang is currently Edelbrock’s highest horsepower kit that is also emissions-legal in all 50 states (E.O. D-215-108). According to Purciello, the development of Edelbrock’s Stage 2 Supercharger System #15388 as well as the Stage 2 Upgrade Kit #15883 for S550 generation Ford Mustangs was directly related to consumer feedback. Simply put, Mustang owners wanted more power and Edelbrock delivered.


At the heart of this system is the highly efficient R2650 TVS rotor assembly with an integrated high-capacity DP3C (dual-pass, three-core) air-to-water intercooler for lower inlet air temperatures and increased power potential. New 170-degree high-twist lobes, bigger bearings and beefier timing gears ensure unparalleled reliability with smooth acceleration throughout the powerband.

Edelbrock Stage 2 Supercharger for the 2018-2019 Mustang
Brian Devilbiss made a 9.27-second pass in his Mustang to win the Eaton TVS Supercharger Throwdown with a stock long block 5.0L engine topped with the Edelbrock Stage 2 Supercharger. The car was built by Evolution Performance and has been dyno-tested at 1,020 horsepower with 919 ft-lbs of torque at the rear wheels thanks to a Lund Racing custom calibration.

To support the additional Stage 2 power increase, the fuel system components are upgraded to include larger 47 lb/hr direct-port fuel injectors along with a Fuel Pump Voltage Booster. A dramatic increase in airflow over the Stage 1 kit comes from a new 103mm billet aluminum throttle body that is 23mm larger than the Stage 1 body, and a high-flow air intake system with a 113mm MAF housing. Edelbrock’s 8-Rib Drive Belt upgrade minimizes slippage to maintain consistent boost pressure under full throttle.

“The 103mm throttle body and high-flow intake system coupled with an 8-rib belt drive is the foundation of this system,” says Purciello. “Of course, the upgraded port fuel injectors and fuel pump voltage booster are added to support the additional 63 RWHP and 23 WTQ this system makes over Stage 1. Add that all up and you get a dyno-proven 686 horsepower and 533 ft-lbs of rear-wheel torque on 93 octane pump gas.”

Each supercharger comes finished with a durable black powder-coating that blends nicely into the Mustang engine compartment and includes a preformed hose kit, hardware and a full-color step-by-step instruction manual to streamline the installation process. This is a true bolt-on system that installs cleanly with no modifications to the hood or body. This potent Stage 2 kit is also backed by Edelbrock’s industry-leading 3-Year/36,000-mile Powertrain Warranty at no additional cost. For a closer look at the TVS Throwdown-winning Mustang, check out the 9-Second Edelbrock-Supercharged 2018 Mustang GT story.