Edelbrock Super Victor Intakes Dominate The Texas Pro Stock 1/8 mile

Edelbrock 2897 Super Victor Intake

Our testing doesn’t stop with just R&D. Professional race car teams and drivers are also a vital part of our performance and durability testing. Working with these talented individuals is just another extension of our research and development process. So when we say “proven performance” we really mean it!

Here is prime example of real world results delivered by the Edelbrock (#2897) Super Victor 632 intake manifold.

We have some great race results from the Super Victor 632 that we’d like to share with the world.

Texas Pro Stock is a small group but widely recognized as the ultimate class for conventional port Big Block Chevy racing.  To have a product on a car is a big thing, to win and set records with minor work is outstanding.

This last weekend in Dallas (1/8 mile) they had good weather, good track conditions, and lots of HP.  Richard Otwell’s car with a Super Victor 632 won the event.  #1 Qualifier was Rick Cowger with another Super Victor 632. This Cowger/Woods car set the class E.T. record @4.527. Both cars used Ricky McConathy / Naiser Racing built engines.  Ricky was the first guy  to test the manifold and he gladly allowed us to share the results with the world; so we’d really like to congratulate and thank him.  Also race runner–up Larry Pierce had a Super Victor 632 on his engine, and I believe he also uses a Ricky McConathy / Naiser Racing engine.

Also the mph record (great HP indicator) was set by Joe Pigford @153.79 mph, using a Rehr-Morrison built engine with your manifold on it.

Here is what Curtis Boggs From Race Flow Development had to say about the Super Victor 632.

“Having a manifold that dominates one of the fastest classes in drag racing for conventional heads is a HUGE statement! It’s a testimonial not only to the “engineering” Team of “McCarthy and Boggs”, .. but the entire TEAM of the Edelbrock staff. This is not a “small” thing, .. it’s quite a big deal. I’m just so thankful to have the privilege to be one of the team.”