Choosing the Right Intake Manifold Which Edelbrock Intake Is Best for Your Engine?

Chevelle, Chevy small-block

Intake manifolds are are still among the most popular basic bolt-ons that hot rodders choose to upgrade when the desire for better performance comes into play.

Carb, manifold, cam and headers. Not necessarily in that order, these parts are still among the most popular basic bolt-ons that hot rodders choose to upgrade when the desire for better performance comes into play. Regardless of what engine you have under your hood, making the correct choice is vital to achieving the perfect combination of parts that will deliver the most horsepower, torque and satisfaction.

Carbureted Intake Manifolds

When it comes to intake manifolds, Edelbrock has been at the forefront of development and manufacturing since 1938, when Vic Edelbrock Sr. designed the first flathead manifold for his 1932 Ford Roadster. That first “Slingshot” manifold came about when Vic Sr. wanted more power from his first project car and was unhappy with how the factory manifold performed. He designed a new manifold for his Roadster’s flathead engine that eliminated the restriction that was limiting power output. It was the start of a company that would, over the years, design and manufacture thousands of intake manifolds for all different types of engines.

Single-Plane vs. Dual-Plane Explained

Edelbrock has taken the science and guesswork out of manifold selection by clearly identifying the range of performance that each manifold is most capable of delivering. Edelbrock has several styles of aluminum intake manifolds to fit different applications, all identified by plenum style and intended RPM range. Each style of manifold has characteristics that make it ideal for the application for which it was designed. Years of R&D and dyno testing in the area of induction technology have given the Edelbrock team invaluable insights into which characteristics work best under specific conditions. To insure the ultimate in quality, every Edelbrock intake manifold is cast at the ultramodern Edelbrock Aluminum Foundry and machined on high-tech CNC centers at the Edelbrock manufacturing facility in the USA. Whether you’re building a daily driver, ultra high-performance street machine or race car, an Edelbrock intake manifold will provide the power right where you want it.

Below are nine different Edelbrock intake manifold selections accompanied by a brief description as well as its operating range in RPM to help you select the best part for your application.

Edelbrock Performer intake PERFORMER® (IDLE – 5500 RPM) The Performer is a patented dual-plane, low-rise intake manifold with a 180° design that greatly improves torque over a wide rpm range. This bolt-on offers excellent throttle response from off-idle through 5,500 RPM. An Edelbrock Performer is an ideal choice for muscle cars, hot rods, restomods, passenger cars, custom trucks, 4x4s and RVs.
Edelbrock Performer Air-Gap PERFORMER® AIR-GAP (IDLE – 5500 RPM) Performer Air-Gap manifolds offer the same performance-proven qualities of the Performer Series but with the addition of Edelbrock’s patented Air-Gap design. The Air-Gap series features an open air space that separates the runners from engine heat resulting in a cooler, denser charge for more power.
Edelbrock Performer RPM PERFORMER RPM™ (1500 – 6500 RPM) The Performer RPM is a dual-plane, high-rise manifold with a 180° design that greatly improves top-end horsepower while retaining excellent throttle response. Their larger plenums and runners work well with high-lift cams, free-flowing exhausts and other modifications of a high-output engine. This is a great choice for street or strip.
RPM Air-Gap manifold RPM AIR-GAP (1500 – 6500 RPM) This award-winning design incorporates the same race-winning technology used on our Victor Series competition intakes. The RPM Air-Gap features an open air space that separates runners from engine heat, resulting in a cooler, denser charge for more power. RPM Air-Gap manifolds are ideal for street or strip performance on pre-pollution-controlled vehicles only.
Edelbrock Cross-Ram LS3 CROSS-RAM LS3 (1500 – 7000 RPM) The Cross-Ram LS3 is a unique intake manifold for anybody looking to combine great looks with outstanding performance between 1,500 –7,000 rpm. The unique dual-plenum design features long 13-inch runners with flanges that will accept two 90mm throttle bodies. Ideal for twin turbo/boost applications!
Edelbrock Torker TORKER/TORKER II (2500 – 6500 RPM) With excellent torque in the lower RPM range, the Torker and Torker II manifolds have been widely used throughout many decades in the Edelbrock lineup. As the name implies, these manifolds are known for providing excellent torque in the lower RPM range with a low profile for vehicles with limited hood clearance. This is a low-rise single-plane manifold that offers high-RPM performance for street or strip.
Dual quad manifolds DUAL-QUAD/MULTI CARB Edelbrock offers a wide selection of the best-performing multiple carburetor manifolds for Ford, Chevy and Mopar. With multi-carb options available for both street and competition engines, the RPM Air-Gap Dual-Quad manifolds are the latest offerings for Ford and Chevy featuring an open air space that separates the runners from engine heat for a cooler, denser charge and more power.
Edelbrock Victor Series manifolds VICTOR® (3500 – 8500+ RPM) Victor intake manifolds are the most popular choice for maximum race-winning power at higher engine speeds. Engineered in collaboration with leading engine builders and racers from all forms of competition, these intake manifolds incorporate modern design with the latest racing technology and are manufactured with precision by Edelbrock in the USA. Victor manifolds are available for single or multiple-carburetor set-ups.

Pro-Flo XT manifold

PRO-FLO XT (1500 – 7000 RPM) The Pro-Flo XT manifold is engineered with a large plenum and long tapered runners to deliver maximum horsepower and broad torque throughout a wide RPM range Aesthetics were also a major consideration in the design, offering a unique performance look and a choice of satin aluminum or black powder-coated finish with contrast machining. Pro-Flo XT EFI intakes accept Edelbrock Pro-Flo XT Throttle Bodies and Fuel Rails (sold separately).

Dual-Plane Intake Manifolds

Single-Plane Intake Manifolds