Project BRZEF1

Stage 2 of this build really tied the entire car together giving it the aggressive look to match form with function. Being that our plans are to Auto-X and road course this car we wanted to make sure the brakes could stop the 2 door with the extra horsepower.

Our friends at WilWood sent us a set of 6-piston caliper fronts and 4-piston rears with 2 piece rotors. Install was simple. We did the install at our Russel building and built our own custom steel braided brake lines to R&D the fitment for future release of FR-S/BRZ braided lines.


Micheal disassembling and getting rid of all the stock components


Aluminum Center section on rotors help prevent hub bearings from premature wear from heat




Brake system being bled with new custom Russel brake lines


While we had the car up on the rack we added the Borla rear diffuser that bolts to the rear of the exhaust.


Stage one was complete on the BRZEF1. We installed the suspension, exhaust and switched out the hood and trunk. It was time to move on to some exterior mods to match the power from the supercharger.

We wanted to make this car really stand out from the crowd so we contacted Victory Function for a set of their VF-RS Front wide fenders.  We started with the dis-assembly of the front end. Removing the front bumper and stock fenders.


Victory Function VF-RS Front wide fenders look great and help dissipate high wheel well pressure for improved down force.



From there all we had to do was align the new fenders and drill a couple holes for the mounting hardware. The fitment was good and there was not much adjusting or trimming needed to get these fenders to line up.



With the radical color scheme and wrap we decided on, there was no reason to bother painting the fenders.

We still had a couple more pieces from Seibon Carbon to mock up and ensure proper fitment. We set the front splitter in place and drilled all necessary mounting holes prior to vinyl wrapping.




Seibon also sent us side splitters. We fabricated a bracket and bolted it to the bottom of the body.

While we had the car jacked up we wanted to test fit the wheels and get an idea of what it would look like.


Yokohama Advan Racing RGII wheels wrapped in Falken Azenis RT615K Rubber. 265/35/R18 Square setup.

Final step of the transformation was the wrap. We contacted the same group of guys that did the graphics on the 4xForce Jeep. Vinyl Junkies was primed and ready to tackle the entire wrap and graphics.

They removed the front and rear bumper, Mirrors and door hands to ensure a clean & seamless finish.





The final product exceeded everyone’s expectations here at Edelbrock HQ. The graphics looked great and the color scheme paid homage to the original Subaru Blue and Gold.




The Dyno numbers are in! Our test mule BRZ was on and off the the dyno til we achieved our goal for the E-Force Supercharger.


Our 2014 Subaru BRZ originally served as Edelbrock’s test mule for the design and testing of the NEW E-Force Supercharger. We here have dubbed it the BRZ E-Force 1.0 or BRZEF1 for short (get the Scion FRSRS1 reference?) As it sits, the car is neither show ready nor track worthy so we will be doing a little bit of modding. Our goals are simple:

– Create a dramatic appearance that will draw attention
– Obtain race worthy handling that will enable us to test the full potential of the boosted Subie
– Stay true to Edelbrock’s commitment to domestic manufacturing by using as many “Made in USA” parts as possible
– Pay homage to the Classic Subaru color theme

With these goals in mind, this rendering was born. And thanks to a handful of manufacturers within the industry our BRZEF1 is well on its way to becoming a reality. Continue reading to check out the progress so far and stay tuned for even more mods.

BRZ mock up



First thing we wanted to do is get the stance of the BRZ right and help the car handle better so we contacted KW suspension. They sent us their Clubsport coilover kit. The ease of installation was incredible. Everything was a direct bolt on. With adjustable spring rate, ride height and dampening we are able to set up exactly how we want.




Once the suspension was dialed in we wanted to give the BRZ some grunt so the guys over at Borla sent us their full catback exhaust system. Aside from it looking much better and flowing more than stock, its also lighter which helps with weight reduction. The Borla kit eliminates the rear Muffler and runs a muffler in place of the stock resonator. This also helps with weight distribution to help balance the vehicle which is essential for road course/autocross racing.



With plans to road race this car, one highly recommended modification is weight reduction for better balance. Our friends at Seibon Carbon sent us a complete kit for our BRZ which included hood, trunk, front lip, side splitters & fender inserts. Fitment went smooth and very minimal adjustment was needed to align everything.




Stay tuned for much more. Next time we will be installing Wheels, Tires, fenders, some bigger brakes and more carbon. Also with the help from our friends over at Vinyl Junkies, we plan to make Project BRZEF1 really stand out from the crowd and like we said before, paying homage to the Classic Subaru color theme.


IMG_7668 IMG_7690