Selecting The Right Carburetor

Metering Rod Removal

If you haven’t started already, it’s almost time to remove your car covers, dust off your hot rod, and get it ready for car shows, cruising and racing. Spring is rapidly approaching.  Two things really tip us off when our car-loving faithfuls begin the annual process of “getting their car ready”; 1. the clocks change, and 2. our tech-line lights up like the Christmas tree at a drag strip.  Edelbrock tech lines are flooded (no pun intended) with modders asking basic questions on how to get their Edelbrock Carburetor to function flawlessly.

In a day and age where information travels at the speed of light,  Edelbrock offers several great resources that will educate the average car guy or gal on “everything Edelbrock” when it comes to carburetion – including Carburetor Installation instruction sheets,  troubleshooting and tuning.  Resources such as carburetor FAQ’s, installation instructions, tech discussion, carb Owners Manual, and videos are available at a click of the mouse. Below, we will delve into specific situations such as hesitation and stumbling, off-idle surging and poor performance.  And for those of you who need to reach an Edelbrock Tech on the good old phone, we’re here M-F (7am – 5pm, PST) 800-416-8628.

Checking Float Level with a 7/16

Visit the Edelbrock carburetor section

Visit the Edelbrock carburetor FAQ’s section

Visit the Edelbrock tech discussion section

Visit the Edelbrock installation instructions section

Click to open Carb Owners Manual (Adobe PDF format)

Watch Carburetor Installation and Tech Videos

1. Before you start part 1

2. Before you start part 2

3. Removal of old carburetor

4. Installation of your new Edelbrock carburetor part 1

5. Installation of your new Edelbrock carburetor part 2

6. Installation of your new Edelbrock carburetor part 3

7. Installation of your new Edelbrock carburetor part 4

8. Additional tuning part 1

9. Additional tuning part 2

10. Carb tuning – Idling/mixture screws dont work

11. Carb tuning – Fast idle adjustment

12. Carb tuning – Runs poorly under load

13. Carb tuning – Seeing or smelling gas

14. Carb tuning – Erratic idle and pinging

15. Carb tuning – Excessive high idle

16. Carb tuning – Automatic transmission not shifting

17. Carb tuning – Poor performance after several days

18. Carb tuning – Hesitation and stumbling

19. Carb tuning – Off-idle surging