Edelbrock-Supercharged Chevy Colorado Review on Truck Trend Network

Chevrolet Colorado V6 with Edelbrock Supercharger
The Edelbrock-Supercharged Colorado serves as a shop truck and daily parts runner. It has recently been updated with new Helo 913 wheels and Nitto NT421Q tires with a lowered stance coming from a Belltech 999SP kit. CLICK HERE to read the “Daily Driven Review” in the Truck Trend Network.

One of the popular discussions on Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon forum boards has many owners of this mid-size pickup at odds over which engine to choose: the “best-in-class” 3.6L V6 or the four-cylinder Duramax 2.8L Turbo-Diesel. There are solid arguments on both sides of the debate and choosing one engine over the other is not an easy choice. If you’re towing a trailer and want torque with better highway fuel economy you might be considering the turbo-diesel. For everything else including daily driving, hauling, cost, passing power and all-around spirited performance driving, the V6 is the hands-down favorite choice. Still, neither one of these engines offers anything close to V8 performance, something that Colorado and Canyon fans miss.

Motor Trend story on Edelbrock Supercharged Chevy Colorado

As it has since the beginning of hot rodding, the performance aftermarket has come up with the best solution for the V6-versus-turbo-four quandary as well as mid-size pickup owners who just want better performance. Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon owners can get the best of both worlds by adding an Edelbrock Supercharger to the 3.6L HFV6 engine. The Edelbrock V6 Supercharger is the best horsepower-per-dollar upgrade that boosts performance over stock by 24%, is emissions-legal in all 50 states, and includes a free 3-year/36,000-mile powertrain warranty.

“On the road, the supercharger kit turns the Colorado into something it always should have been: a capable, comfortable, and effortlessly powerful midsize truck.“ — Truck Trend Magazine

Truck Trend magazine spent a weekend with our 3.6L V6-powered 2017 Colorado outfitted with an out-of-the-box Edelbrock Supercharger (kit #1518) with the supplied 50-state emissions-legal calibration. Click on the image above to read the Truck Trend Daily Driven review, and look for the feature of the Edelbrock Colorado in the final print edition of Truck Truck on your newsstand.

Chevrolet Colorado V6 with Edelbrock Supercharger
The Edelbrock Supercharger for 2017-2020 Colorado and Canyon V6 trucks is a complete bolt-on kit that includes everything needed for installation. No body or hood modifications are required, and you get V8-like performance that is 50-state emissions-legal.
The Edelbrock Colorado bed has been treated to a Line-X spray-on liner color-matched to the exterior wrap.
The Edelbrock Colorado bed has been treated to a Line-X spray-on liner color-matched to the exterior wrap.
Line-X of Torrance bedline

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