2016 Camaro SS E-Force Supercharger

E-Force Supercharger Systems For 2016 Camaro SS

The E-Force Supercharger system (#1558 and #1559) is designed for the 2016 Camaro SS for manual or automatic transmissions. The manual transmission system will increase the stock power up to 580 horsepower and 548 ft-lbs. of torque at the rear wheels. This is a gain of 140 horsepower and 124 ft-lbs. of torque over stock!

The Stage 1 Street systems (#1558 and #1559) are designed to work with all OEM emissions equipment, which will make them 50 state emissions legal (E.O. Number pending). These systems provide the best combination for your daily driver.

This E-Force supercharger system features an Eaton 2300 TVS rotor assembly, an air to water twin intercooler system and dual pass heat exchanger. Performance has been optimized through a unique runner design and an integrated bypass valve that helps reduce parasitic loss under light throttle, which improves gas mileage potential. All of this technology fits under the stock hood without any modification.

Outside of the power and warranty, these systems have great looks under the hood with a black powder coated supercharger assembly and bright red coil covers that will let people know… your Camaro is Edelbrock Supercharged.

1559_Graph_Key Features:
– Increases performance up to 580 HP and 548 ft-lbs. torque (rear wheel) on a 6.2L engine
– Features EatonĀ® Gen VI 2300 TVS rotor assembly
– Integrated bypass valve for little to no decrease
in fuel economy
– 100,000 mile self-contained oiling system
– Made in USA for quality and performance

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