2017 HOT ROD Power Tour

“The 23rd annual HOT ROD Power Tour returned in 2017 with exciting new features for auto enthusiasts worldwide, as the highly anticipated seven-day, seven-city journey is expected to bring together more than 6,000 vehicles and 100,000-plus spectators, June 10-16, 2017.”

Day 7: Bowling Green

After 6 long days of set-ups and break downs of BIG RED, we made it to the finish line. All in all it was a fun, long, humbling Power Tour with the passing of Vic. Talking to people about their personal experiences with him. How their family or friend ran our parts. It was nice to hear how he impacted the performance industry and that he will be remembered forever.

Edelbrock also held a raffle for $1,000, $500, and $250 give away. All winners were announced on day 7 at Bowling Green.


Day 6: Indianapolis

With the unfortunate passing of our visionary, Vic Edelbrock Jr, the Team decided to put out some posters for people to send their wishes to the family. Rightfully so, we placed it on Vic’s old signing table. At this stop the Force team was there and they joined in on the signing.



Day 5: Madison

The Team made its way out to Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison. We had a stop here during the 2015 Power Tour. With a drag strip, we had races going on all day in between showers and ended the day with a burnout contest.


DAY 4: Champaign

After a long hot day in Davenport, a couple of member of the Edelbrock team decided to stay the night and hit the road in the morning on the Power Tour route.  Getting up early our 4xForce Jeep, the Cutlass and ’56 hit the road. Getting some rolling photos of some of the long haulers and enjoying the scenic route was a blast.


DAY 3: Davenport

Making our way into Davenport we took a stroll thru the fields of cars to check out how many Edelbrock parts we can spot.

DAY 2: Newton

Day 2 started in Newton, Iowa at the Iowa Speedway. With 50 mile an hour winds, the team toughed it out in the scorching sun. Plenty of sun block helped the team withstand the 90+ degree day.


DAY 1: Kansas City

The Edelbrock Team hit the road with a 4 car caravan and BIG RED. First stop was Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium. Same city that 2016 Power Tour ended. Starting in Kansas City and ending in Bowling Green, KY.

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