Vic Edelbrock Jr. Interview – Where They Raced

About a week ago, I had the chance to be part of something special. I was invited down to the CBS Television lot to film an interview segment for a show called “Where They Raced” (

“Where They Raced” is a documentary film currently in production about the history of auto racing here in Los Angeles. What made this interview special was that it was being conducted at the same location my father and his team used to race, The old Gilmore Stadium. Well, Gilmore Stadium is no longer there. CBS, The Grove shopping center, and the old LA Farmers Market currently occupy the location. And even today, like back then, it’s still a hub of Los Angeles Activity.

It was a pleasure for us to take my Fathers restored #27 Kurtis-Kraft V8-60 Midget back to the Gilmore location. You see, back in those days, Gilmore was a Blue AAA Circuit Offenhauser only track. V8-60s had never won against the more powerful “Offys.” My Father wanted to beat those cars so he worked hard at modifying his V8-60 powered car. He reworked the engine and started playing around with fuel mixtures and additives such as Nitromethane. It all paid off and history was made. My fathers #27 was the first and only V8-60 car to beat the “Offys” at Gilmore as well as one of the first vehicles in the country to use nitro as a fuel. It really was an exciting time.

It was also a pleasure to meet up with Hank Hilty, grandson of the late Earl Gilmore whose family also had such an impact in early racing here in California. Here are a few pictures from the day. Look forward to a future post when the documentary is finished!

Please take the time to view some of the pictures below…

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